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Avoid Costly Termite Repairs With Inspections, Baiting & Preventive Control.

 Termites, if left unchecked and untreated can cause havoc on your property. The damage that they can create is usually hidden and when noticed can cost thousands or even tens of thousands to treat, clean up and repair. Have you a commercial or residential property inspected ahead of time before it's too late with Custom Green Lawn's termite inspections, control and prevention services.

To Be Thorough, Both Digital & Visual Termite Inspections Are Performed.


Searching for and locating visible sawdust droppings in and around your property will help as a start to treat those areas and control termites. But if they are visibly present, they are also probably in other areas that need a more in-depth inspection. To locate termites beyond where the eye can see, we perform digital inspections using devices that locate termites beyond the inner surface of your walls. If you notice any sawdust piles, contact Custom Green Lawns today and schedule an appointment for us to visit your property and show you exactly where there might be termite activity.


Effective Treatment Plans To Control Termites Inside & Out.

When termite activity is realized, Custom Green Lawns will design an effective treatment plan for your specific amount of termite presence. We will explain to you the type of treatment we will perform, and a cost estimate which is always much lower than procrastinating and then paying for termite damage reconstruction.


Scheduled Visits To Protect Your Family & Investment From Termites.


 When your termite issue under control, we can talk about preventive maintenance to keep your property as free as possible from damaging termites. Routine inspections and treatments are essential to protect your family and investment whether it be a commercial or residential property. Termite control is often an ongoing job, and contacting Custom Green Lawns is the first step to effective control.

Contact Custom Green Lawns Today & Start Controlling Termites Tomorrow.

Custom Green Lawns services Orlando and all surrounding areas with pro termite inspections, baiting and control, and preventive maintenance services.

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