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Close Inspection Of Shrubs Or Plants For Fertilizing & Exterminating.

Not all shrubs and plants require the same treatment. Save yourself the guess-work of trying to identify the cause of yellowing leaves or trying to identify the pests that are causing damage. You will also save yourself the trial and error involved in selecting the right product to eliminate these issues without causing further damage.  


Homeowners all want their shrubs and plants to look full and be healthy and disease free. But sometimes shrubs fall ill from diseases. From too little watering to pest infestation, proper disease identification is crucial to the survival of your shrubs. 

Identifying, Treating & Preventing Diseases On Shrubs & Plants.

Depending on the specific type of shrub or plant affected, the disease, diagnosis and treatment will vary.

Custom Green Lawns will identify your infected shrubs, check the trunks, leaves, branches and roots. There are numerous types of shrub diseases, but we know the symptoms to look for when diagnosing and how to treat each disease. 

Then water the shrub or plant from underneath in order to reach roots directly. Once the disease has been halted and the shrub or plant is deemed healthy, we can start on a fertilizing and maintenance regiment. Contact us today if you think your shrubs or plants may have a disease.

Keeping Shrubs Healthy By Exterminating And Controlling Pests.

No matter how well you try and keep your shrubs and plants landscaped, if you don’t treat them with the correct insect and pest control, they will be vulnerable to a variety of harmful insects and pests. When it comes to damaging insects, we don’t cut any corners or overlook any issues that may be unique to your shrubs and plants. 

Pests are persistent, especially when they are deep within shrubs and plants, but we can control them.

The pros at Custom Green Lawns know what insects are commonly found on your specific types of shrubs and plants. We can create a program that will include the right treatment to halt the invasion and a preventative treatment plan that will keep damaging bugs away from your shrubs and plants.

Our multi-step approach is a very effective program. We treat the shrubs and plants themselves, but also take steps to improve the health of your soil. Because healthy soil is your best defense against damaging insects, we even provide nutrients to the roots which reduce the need for spraying.


Fertilizing For Healthier Shrubs & Plants.

Shrubs and plants need fertilization to stimulate more robust and vigorous growth. Those showing pale or undersized leaves or reduced growth rate are probably in declining condition.

The minerals or nutrients supplied by fertilizer provide the ingredients needed for photosynthesis and growth. When minerals are lacking or absent in the soil, fertilizer can be added to maintain an adequate supply. Before fertilizing, a soil test is performed to determine the levels of nutrients that are present. Depending on the results, we may add nutrients to make up for any deficiencies in the soil. This will help us determine what our next step should be.

When it’s time to fertilize, we use slow release fertilizers. Since the nutrients are released slowly, it will continue to improve the soil structure while improving growth and quality. Schedule an initial inspection and then regular visits because nature doesn’t stop growing, eating or multiplying. This routine will prevent future problems so that your plants and shrubs will become the healthiest and thickest they have ever been.

It Takes Experience To Exterminate & Control Insects On Shrubs & Plants.

We give extra TLC to shrubs and plants because insect-free shrubs and plants are stress-free shrubs and plants. 


Shrubs and plants are particularly susceptible to attacks from a variety of harmful insects. But you can keep your shrubs and plants pest-free with Custom Green Lawns. Our shrub and plant pest control programs are customized to treat the individual type of pest on the individual type of shrub or plant. We will help to control the issue and prevent future infestation so that they maintain good health.

We perform environmentally friendly exterminating and pest control methods on shrubs and plants that not only target and combat damaging insects, but keep them from returning. The pest control products that we use on your shrubs and plants have less impact on the eco system and rarely harm insects that are good for the environment. Custom Green Lawns is your best defense against shrub and plant insect damage.

Contact Us For More On Shrubs & Plant Fertilizing, Disease & Pest Control.
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