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Exterminating & Pest Control Tactics That Are Good For Everyone. 

Insects are always trying to get into your house. Custom Green Lawns interior exterminating and pest control services quickly and effectively protect your home with a strong barrier inside and out. 

Enjoy The Outdoors With Our Exterior Exterminating & Pest Control Services.


Pests breed fast and therefor need to be kept in check. The experts at Custom Green Lawns is your best defense. We know how to locate the areas where they feed and breed. Our prevention methods is exactly what you need to keep them away from you and keep them from returning. 


Interior Exterminating To Keep Bugs Out.

Interior pest control is only successful when the kind of pest and their habits are realized. To identify the type of pests that are present and prevent future infestations, you need the professionals at Custom Green Lawns. 

We keep up with the latest trends to keep your interior pest population down to a minimum. We exterminator crawling bugs in your home with environmentally friendly techniques that are safe for all who live in your home, including and especially kids and pets. Our initial exterminating treatment will definitely kill and keeps bugs from returning. But to keep bugs from returning long term, you’ll need a pest management program. Custom Green Lawns designs custom plans that will keep your home free of crawling bugs.

We Treat All Potential Trouble Areas In Your Home:

  • Trash Areas

  • Storage Rooms

  • Garages

  • Crawl Spaces

  • Cracks / Crevices

  • Basements

  • Insulation

  • Electrical Outlets

  • Entry Points

  • Attics & More

Exterminating & Controlling  Mosquitos Correctly Can Also Control Diseases.


Stay out past dusk without being chased in by mosquitos and other biting bugs.

Stop swatting mosquitos or wearing long sleeves to prevent bites. We help you take back your property from mosquitos and keep your family safe from bites. Insect repellent light bulbs, sprays, candles and skin lotions are not effective enough for you to enjoy your yard as long as you should be able to. Eventually you will get bit by mosquitos. Mosquito problems are serious because they can be a carrier of many diseases.

Orlando and all of the surrounding towns that we service are dense with greenery and water which is a perfect habitat for mosquitos to thrive in. Custom Green Lawns will evaluate your property and develop an effective plan to reduce number of mosquitos. Then we will keep them away from you with a maintenance plan because successful mosquito extermination and control is not accomplished in one visit. 

We can't deter every mosquito from your property, but we can keep them from getting close to you. For the type of exterminating and control necessary to battle mosquitos, trust the experts at Custom Green Lawns.

Some Of Our Mosquito Exterminating & Controlling Methods.

Perimeter Baiting

Baiting can last for months depending on the treatment level and can be treated again when needed.

Entrance Spraying

Reduce the number of mosquitoes in specific areas  with sprays that are safe for human and the environment.

Specific Treatments

Get effective mosquito treatments that target hot spots and disrupt their breeding process.

For More On Mosquito & Pest Control Contact Custom Green Lawns.
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