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Evaluating Lawns For Weeds, Diseases & Damaging Insect Exterminating.

Exceptional Lawn Care Blended With Excellent Pest Control.

When you call Custom Green Lawns, we will evaluate the condition of your lawn for healthiness, potential diseases and pests. When a full report has been completed, we will make recommendations on how to treat the issues.


We Control & Prevent Lawns From Getting Diseases.


If you treat your lawn well, but it still doesn't look good, and you don’t know why, it might have a disease. Many types of diseases can stunt the growth, discolor or even kill a lawn. We can identify which lawn diseases could be causing the problem and determine the grass diseases that is preventing your lawn from being healthy and lush.  Contact us today to learn more about lawn disease care with Custom Green Lawns.

Diseases We Control That Can Destroy Your Lawn:

  • Fungal diseases

  • Brown patch lawn disease

  • Dollar spot lawn disease

  • Gray leaf spot lawn disease

  • Leaf spot lawn disease

  • Pythium lawn disease

  • Rust lawn disease

  • Summer patch lawn disease


The Right Amount, Frequency And Kind Of Fertilizer For A Healthy Lawn.

If your lawn has visible sandy patches, you probably need Custom Green Lawns to evaluate your lawn and discuss the ways we will get it looking the way it supposed to, thick and green. We apply the right amount, type and frequency of fertilizer that will turn your yard into a green and lush carpet of healthy grass. 

Custom Green Lawns uses both liquid and granular fertilizer. The granular fertilizer will help to keep your grass in high nutrition for weeks at a time, so that it isn’t vulnerable between maintenance visits. Well-fed grass grows thicker and greener, and will be key in preventing weeds, pests, and even disease outbreaks.

Our Method Of Eliminating Nutrient Stealing Weeds.


No matter how carefully and attentively you maintain your lawn, the fight against weeds may never end. That’s why we developed a strict fertilizing treatment method based on a long checklist, not a short one. We will identify patches of grass that are malnourished, and suggest the amount of fertilizer needed. Depending on the current condition of your landscaping, granular fertilizer treatments may be applied 3 to 6 times per year or more. 

Keep everything looking great and staying healthy with preventive maintenance. This may include pre-emergent weed treatments that will reduce the likelihood that you’ll have difficult, hard-to-control weeds the following year.

We eliminate and prevent destructive weeds: 

  • Broadleaf

  • Dandelions

  • Thistle

  • Black Medic 

  • Ragweed

  • Clover & More

Enjoy The Outdoors With Pest Exterminating & Controlling. 

Custom Green Lawns can identify all of the areas that are being affected by lawn damaging insects, develop a strategy to exterminate the insects, and then treat the lawn so that it grows back strong and full. We are familiar with all types of pests that could be invading your lawn. We identify specific issues and target them accordingly with speed and success. 

If you have lawn damage, it may be the result of insects. If this is the case, calling a professional is always the right decision. Store bought pest control products may work on the bugs in your house, but there are thousands more multiplying around your house. Custom green Lawns can get to the source of the problem and make a noticeable difference pretty quickly.

For More On Lawn Care, Weed & Pest Control Contact Custom Green Lawns.
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