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fertilizing weed pest control orlando

For Fertilizing, Weed & Pest Control, You Can't Beat Custom Green Lawns.

Voted The Best Lawn Maintenance & Pest Control Company Winner 4 Years In A Row.


Custom Green Lawns is not a landscaping company. We are a lawn care and pest control company which means we evaluate your property first. We inspect your lawn, shrubs and plants for nutrient levels and pest damage. Once this has been completed, we can make suggestions on how to get your property looking and staying it's best with our fertilizing and exterminating services.


Fertilizing & Pest Control Through Proper Lawn Evaluation.

Properly fertilizing your lawn is’t as easy as one may think. Too much fertilizer can cause bare spots while under fertilizing will not make a visible difference. Proper fertilization should be handled by the professionals at Custom Green Lawns. 

weed control fertilizing orlando

Control Of Persistent Weeds With Safe & Proven Methods.

Not all weeds are the same. Different types require different treatment methods, and these methods can be drastically different. While some weeds can be relatively easy to control, other weeds can be stubborn and really hurt your lawn. Custom green Lawns has the experience to identify the type of weeds present and eliminate them accordingly. 

Strategic Interior/Exterior Exterminating & Pest Control Solutions.


Insects breed fast and therefor need to be kept in check with immediate exterminating and long term control. The experts at Custom Green Lawns is your best defense to keep pest out of your home and away from you when outdoors. We know how to locate the areas where they feed and breed which will keep them away and from returning. Custom Green Lawns can formulate a program of pest management that will greatly curb or even eliminate your pest problem.


If you are an existing customer, we may be able to assist you with larger pests like rodents. Contact a Custom Green Lawns representative to discuss exterminating and controlling larger pests.

shrub plant bush fertilizing pest control orlando
Keeping Shrubs & Plants Healthy With Fertilizing & Exterminating. 

Shrubs and plants are unique and can suffer from different types of weeds, diseases and insects. If your shrubs and plants are struggling, they may need nutrients or pest control in order to flourish again. Get inspections, custom planning and regular treatments from Custom Green Lawns so that any diseases or pests in your shrubs or plants can be addressed. 

We Are One Of The Top Lawn Care, Weed Control & Exterminating Companies In Orlando.

Custom Green Lawns is responsible for many of Central Florida’s healthiest and most beautiful lawns. We treat each lawn individually with a customized service plan to ensure the best outcome. Owner, James Geraghty is a native Floridian who knows Florida lawns. He has been working in the fertilizing, weed and pest control industry since he was a teenager working with his father.

For Fertilizing, Weed, Exterminating & Pest Control, You Can't Beat Custom Green Lawns.

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